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Gabbeh and Gabbeh Design Galleries

In Farsi, the traditional Persian language, "Gabbeh" means something raw, uncut, or natural. Woven with long piles, undyed wools and spontaneous designs, Gabbeh rugs wholly embody the meaning of the word.

Gabbehs are a departure from what one might think of when they imagine a Persian rug. Designs are minimal, often depicting aspects of the everyday life of a weaver; it is not unusually to see colorful motifs of animals and fish, children playing or mountainous landscapes scattered with cypress trees.

Woven in Southwest Persia, Gabbehs were originally utilized as sleeping rugs for nomadic tribes of the region. People such as the Luri and the Qashqai, particularly their subgroups: the Kashkuli, the Sherkalu, and the Amaleh, have been weaving in this style for hundreds of years.

Historically the West has revered the fine detail and craftsmanship synonymous with a formal Persian rug. However, in recent years the Market has grown to appreciate the bold and cheerful nature of these truly unique tribal rugs, especially in a contemporary interior setting.