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Example of an unique custom rug

Custom Rugs

Why a Custom Rug?

Perhaps, you can't find a rug in the right size. Perhaps, you need to match a particular color color scheme. Perhaps, you have a found a fabric or picture with a wonderful design that you would love to see as a rug. Perhaps, you have all three reasons. If any of these is true, you should consider a custom rug.

Cost of a Custom Rug

There is no extra charge foa custom rug.

There is no extra cost for a Landry and Arcari custom rug. You will pay as much for a custom rug as for an existing rug of comparable weave and materials.

We will can you design your rug.

Select Your Rug Design

Since we have ten years experience in designing our own rugs and custom rugs, our rug designer is a great resource for you. The design may be as simple adapting a design from an existing rug or as creative as designing a completely new rug. We have experience in both.

Select Your Rug Weave

We can help you select a weave for your rug.

The "weave" is the knot density. Usually one choose from 60, 80, 100, or 150. The choice of knot density depends on your tastes and the dictates of the design. Take a look at the various rugs in our inventory to see how different densities appeal to your tastes. The design may suggest the optimal knot density. Designs that have large open areas or large-scale design elements do not require high knot densities. Indeed, they may look best with low density knotting. Designs with finer detail will require greater density knottting. Replacing part or all of the rug surface with "looped" yarn rather than cut pile, provides another weave option.

Select the Material

We can help you design your rug.

The primary material for our custom rugs is the finest Tibetan wool. To add a touches of luxury, to emphasize highlight, or just to play how light reflects off the rug, you may incorporate silk and mohair in the design.

Select Your Colors

Choice of colors for a custom rug

Our designer will help you choose colors from our extensive palette. If you do not find the exact color, do not despair. We can match just about any shade. If you like a stipled or brindled effect, we can mix yarns of different colors together. The color blanket, shown above right, shows various colors on wool, silk, and mohair. Our weavers in Nepal have an exact duplicate of this blanket so that we may communicate your color selecton to them.

We can help you select colors for your rug.

See a Sample of Your Custom Rug

This is a sample of custom rug made as a preview of the actual rug.

If you would like to see how your design and colors look together, you may look at a sample before commiting yourself to the rug as originally designed. Our weavers will weave a "strike-off". a small sample of your rug, to let you preview.

Enjoy Your New Custom Rug

In about five months you will have the exact rug that want. That is all there is to it. Visit us or call to start the process.

A custom rug in a room setting