Landry & Arcari offers everything from modern and abstract rugs to vintage and antique rugs. Traditional rugs can evoke a rich, storied ambiance while more contemporary rugs can set a trendy vibe. Maybe your space calls for a tribal or transitional rug to achieve that distinctive flair you're after. Drawing from all corners of the globe, our trove of the finest quality rugs available is sure to please! There's no better time to explore our collections and select the gorgeous rugs your home needs.

Ottoman Handwoven Transitional Rug, 50215

16' 1" X 24' 0"


Mia Handwoven Transitional Rug, 47637

8' 0" X 10' 1"


Tabriz Handwoven Traditional Rug, J41390

9' 8" X 15' 10"


Agra Handwoven Traditional Rug, J29003

11' 9" X 14' 4"


Sold out Sale
Endless Knot Handwoven Closeout Rug, J53291

9' 1" X 11' 5"

$7,900.00 $3,160.00

Antique Peking Handwoven Closeout Rug, J49716

6' 3" X 8' 11"

$4,500.00 $2,250.00

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