Heriz Handwoven Tribal Rug, J69578



Size: 8' 0" X 9' 10"

SKU: J69578

Pile Fiber: Wool

Surface: Pile

Age: New

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SKU J69578
Size 8' 0" X 9' 10"
Size Category 8 X 10
Shape Rectangle
Design Heriz
Origin Afghani
Style Tribal
Sub Style Nomadic Persian & Turkish
Primary Color Grey
Background Color Pumice
Accent Color Olive
Pile Fiber Wool
Foundation Fiber Cotton
Construction Handwoven
Surface Pile
Age New

This rug hails from Afghanistan, a country renowned for its superior craftsmanship in the realm of rug weaving. The design of the rug draws from the Heriz style, a popular Persian rug design highly esteemed for its intricate patterns and rich history.

The rug incorporates a defining characteristic of the Heriz style - tribal elements that provide it with a distinctive authenticity. The background of the rug, likely woven using yarn dyed in pumice, serves as a subdued canvas that subtly enhances the beauty of the intricate tribal patterns.

As is common in most Afghan rugs – particularly those which exhibit a strong tribal influence in their design, this piece has been woven from wool. However, instead of the commonly used woolen foundation, here the foundation is of cotton. This mixture of wool and cotton not only enhances the durability of the rug but also contributes to its distinctive touch and feel underfoot.

An important factor to consider while talking about this rug is its size - measuring 8 feet by 9 feet and 10 inches, this rug is notably spacious. This combination of abundant size and elaborate design makes this rug an ideal centerpiece for any substantial room or space.

Furthermore, as per its labeling, this rug is new and devoid of any wear and tear that aged rugs exhibit. The tag does not refer to its design style or aesthetic, which may lean towards a vintage or antique look due to the traditional Heriz design, but solely to the condition of its physical make.

This Afghan rug, bearing the Heriz tribal design on a pumice-colored, wool-on-cotton foundation, is a testament to the timeless art of rug weaving. Aside from its aesthetic value, this rug is also a symbol of cultural heritage and resilience, which adds a layer of depth and significance to its already impressive attributes. While rich in visual appeal, its appreciation necessitates an understanding of the history and craftsmanship it embodies - elements that span geographical boundaries and time periods.

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