Illusion Handwoven Contemporary Rug, J70224



Size: 7' 11" X 10' 0"

SKU: J70224

Pile Fiber: Blue

Surface: Pile

Age: New

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SKU J70224
Size 7' 11" X 10' 0"
Size Category 8 X 10
Shape Rectangle
Design Illusion
Origin Indian
Style Contemporary
Sub Style Simple
Primary Color Wool On Cotton
Background Color Turquoise
Accent Color Rust
Pile Fiber Blue
Foundation Fiber Missing
Construction Handwoven
Surface Pile
Age New

This rectangular rug originates from India and bears a contemporary style. Its design, referred to as "illusion", is a concept initiated by Teddy Sumner of Michaelian & Kohlberg under the product name "Grass". This design features tonal patterns that mirror small blades of grass, often employing one or two hues but dyed with natural materials resulting in multiple shades within the same color, also known as abrash.

The rug is distinctive for its horizontal stripes in muted tones of gray, blue, and beige, subtly blended to create a sophisticated look. Hints of a pinkish hue add warmth to the overall color scheme, creating depth and variation in the pattern. The use of both dyed and undyed fibers contributes to the rich texture and multi-color effect of the rug.

The stripes vary in thickness, leading to a well-defined pattern across the width of the rug. This variation might indicate the use of different types or densities of yarns in the weaving process. The rug is flatweave, commonly recognized as being thinner and less plush than a piled rug. It lacks any fringe or tassel detail, contributing to its modern aesthetic.

The rug's edges exhibit a neat finish that enhances the clean, refined look of the piece. It is woven from wool on cotton, leading to its durability and comfortable texture. The dimensions of this rug are 7 feet 11 inches by 10 feet, making it a substantial presence in any room.

The production of such rugs takes place primarily in Agra, India. This process includes careful consideration of the yarn type, with a distinction between single and two-ply yarns. Additionally, the dyes used are natural, and specific weaving techniques are employed to achieve the final product. The rug utilizes an asymmetrical Persian knot, indicative of the fine tradition of Indian carpet weaving.

The design of this rug was initially inspired by fields of tall grass, which is reflected in the subtle shades and textures in the design. Its soothing images of horizon and grain lines make it an inviting addition to any room's decor.

In conclusion, this rug, often categorized as an Agra rug, combines a timeless striped pattern with a neutral color palette. Its versatile design is adaptable to a range of interior styles, from contemporary to traditional, and its unique construction techniques serve to exhibit the rich history and tradition inherent in Indian rug weaving. This rug is a product of thoughtful design and tradition, providing a sense of groundedness and heritage to any home it graces.

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