Illusion Handwoven Contemporary Rug, J70225



Size: 8' 0" X 9' 11"

SKU: J70225

Pile Fiber: Blue

Surface: Pile

Age: New

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This rug hails from India, crafted in the contemporary style known as "Illusion". A relatively recent design concept conceived by Teddy Sumner of Michaelian & Kohlberg, the influence of nature is evident in the illusion style. Inspired by images of fields of tall, swaying grasses, its design and fabric render a soothing aesthetic.

The Illusion design on this rug presents tonal patterns that mirror small blades of grass, sometimes rendered in one or two tones. However, natural dyes permit multiple shadings in the same color, an effect known as abrash. Consequently, the rug exudes an engaging depth, making it more than a mere floor covering but an object of interest.

A distinguishing feature of this rug is the crafting technique used. It is woven painstakingly with the asymmetrical Persian knot, a method that acknowledges the rich and diverse history of rug weaving in its country of origin. This weaving technique in tandem with the use of single and two-ply yarns imbues the rug with a distinct character that separates it from other rugs in the market.

The color palette of this rug is a calming composite of slate and grey, with variations in tones courtesy of the natural dyes. The primary content is wool on cotton, giving it a noticeable softness, a quality you can feel underfoot, adding a dimension of comfort to the stylish design. The rug measures 8' X 9'11", perfect in size for creating a prominent décor element in your home.

Produced in Agra, India, this rug does not just offer you an elegant accessory for your living space, but it comes with a piece of history and the rich tradition of Indian rug weaving. As such, it adds a dash of culture and class to any home, even as its hard-wearing quality ensures it lasts through generations.

The Illusion rug is a combination of skilled craftsmanship, inspired design, and the correlation of function with fashion. Its blend of Asian hospitality and western comfort makes it an appealing inclusion into your home – a subtle yet inimitable marker of your distinguished taste. It’s not just a rug; it is a bridge which unites two worlds, two lives - the past and the present, and brings together the craftsmanship of the weaver with the taste of the owner. It is a piece of art that welcomes you home every day, made to live a long life and tell a beautiful story. This is the legacy of the Illusion rug from Agra, India.


SKU J70225
Size 8' 0" X 9' 11"
Size Category 8 X 10
Shape Rectangle
Design Illusion
Origin Indian
Style Contemporary
Sub Style Simple
Primary Color Wool On Cotton
Background Color Slate
Accent Color Brown
Pile Fiber Blue
Foundation Fiber Missing
Construction Handwoven
Surface Pile
Age New
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