Illusion Handwoven Contemporary Rug, J70226



Size: 8' 1" X 9' 11"

SKU: J70226

Pile Fiber: Blue

Surface: Pile

Age: New

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The rug in question originates from India and is a representation of a contemporary style. Drawing inspiration from the pattern of the Illusion design, it prominently features a calming blue hue as its main color, uninterrupted by any additional embellishing colors. It lends itself to a soothing aesthetic, subtly signaling tranquility and serenity in its visual appeal.

This rug is formatted in a series of horizontal stripes, alternating between various shades of blue. The variation in colors does not stand in stark contrast to each other, rather they seamlessly blend in, a testament to the thoughtful design intricacies it holds. Interestingly, the visual illusion of texture is created through alternation in weaving techniques in each stripe. The lighter stripes adopt a more relaxed, wider weave compared to the tightly woven darker stripes. This ingeniously imbues a touch of depth and dynamism to what might come off as a simplistic pattern at first glance.

The rug is devoid of any fringe or exterior embellishments, championing a minimalistic approach. This trait is seen commonly in contemporary designs which strives for a clean-cut, uncluttered look. It nails a fine balance between underplayed elegance and a structured composition. Given the muted and cool color palette, it is a suitable fit for modern interior décor themes that prioritize simplicity and sophistication.

The materials used for this rug adds another layer of quality to it. Composed of wool content carefully woven on a cotton base, it promises a comforting and plush sensation. With its size reaching dimensions of 8'1" X 9'11", it offers ample coverage for any room.

The inception of this rug is traced back to a concept initiated by Teddy Sumner from the enterprise Michaelian & Kohlberg with grass serving as a core inspiration. This rubric found its expression in the tonal patterns resembling blades of grass used in the rug's design. With the use of natural dyes, the rug illustrates multiple shadings of the same color, also known as abrash.

The rug is produced in Agra, India, a region recognized for its distinctive carpet weaving techniques. It incorporates single and two-ply yarns in their production and pays close attention to unique characteristics each rug holds. This Indian rug paves a grounded and historical ambiance touched with the essence of Farhan rugs, known for their elaborate international rug trade.

Thematically, the rug draws inspiration from fields with tall grasses rustling in the wind. This picture is subtly sketched out in the rug's design through the fade-away horizon laxly waving grasslines. The rug is a testament to the meticulous handiwork and Indian carpet weaving tradition reflecting in its resilient build and soft wool pile. An implicit narrative of the rug is embedded in its visual aesthetic that portrays a serene carpet of undulating fields of grain, a nod to its namesake – the Illusion rug.


SKU J70226
Size 8' 1" X 9' 11"
Size Category 8 X 10
Shape Rectangle
Design Illusion
Origin Indian
Style Contemporary
Sub Style Simple
Primary Color Wool On Cotton
Background Color Blue
Accent Color Silver
Pile Fiber Blue
Foundation Fiber Missing
Construction Handwoven
Surface Pile
Age New
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