Oushak Handwoven Traditional Rug, J69820



Size: 8' 11" X 12' 2"

SKU: J69820

Pile Fiber: Wool

Surface: Pile

Age: New

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SKU J69820
Size 8' 11" X 12' 2"
Size Category 9 X 12
Shape Rectangle
Design Oushak
Origin Indian
Style Traditional
Sub Style Large Scale Floral
Primary Color Blue
Background Color Teal
Accent Color Light Blue
Pile Fiber Wool
Foundation Fiber Cotton
Construction Handwoven
Surface Pile
Age New

Introducing the Soft Melody Oushak Rug, a stunning piece that combines tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation. This rug originates from India, specifically from the city of Agra and its surrounding areas.

Handwoven by skilled artisans in their homes, these rugs embrace centuries-old practices that have been honed to perfection. The material used in the Soft Melody Rug is a luxurious blend of imported, long-staple New Zealand wool and either superior local wool or South African wool. This unique composition gives the rug a shinier and more lustrous finish compared to rugs made solely from local wools.

The yarn used in these rugs is a single-ply characteristic, making each knot thicker, denser, and substantially heavier. This distinctive feature, combined with the use of an asymmetrical Persian-type knot, creates a denser and nubbier texture with knots that are visibly pronounced, adding to the rug's distinct tactile and visual appeal.

The Soft Melody Oushak Rug boasts a 6x6 quality, reflecting the intricate craftsmanship involved and contributing to the rug's robustness and intricate design clarity. It has a 100% wool pile and a cotton foundation, with tightly spun cotton warps and being mostly double-wefted. The pile height is approximately 3/8 inch.

The yarn used in these rugs is handspun, resulting in subtle color variations that enrich each rug with a unique aesthetic. The artisanal dyeing techniques, combined with the use of high-quality chromium dyes imported from Switzerland, ensure that the rug maintains its vibrant hues over time, resisting fading and offering exceptional light-fast qualities.

Soft Melody Oushak rugs are particularly appealing due to their resemblance to traditional 19th-century Turkish Oushaks, primarily because of their comparably large knots. The single-ply thick yarn used in these rugs contributes to their delightful nubby texture, which is noticeable, especially at the base of each knot.

While traditional Oushaks had a dense pile that wore down over time to reveal the base of each knot, the Soft Melody Oushak Rug recreates this unique texture intentionally, adding depth and character to the rug's aesthetic appeal. Unlike rugs with thicker piles that can hide texture, the subdued pile of the Soft Melody Oushak allows the nubby texture to stand out, avoiding an overly fluffy appearance.

In summary, the Soft Melody Oushak Rug is a testament to the exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its origins in India, combined with the unique material and weaving techniques, result in a rug that showcases a unique blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and innovation.

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