Oversized Oriental Rugs

Landry & Arcari prides itself on housing the largest selection of oversize rug in New England. The galleries below display rugs that are greater than 10 x 14 feet. Some people also refer to rugs in this size as palace rugs, mansion rugs, or simply as extra large area rugs. All the rugs in the galleries are at least 10 feet wide and 14 feet six inches long. Those over 17 feet 6 inches in length may be found in the Extra Oversized Oriental Rug Gallery.

We have three galleries: Oversize New Rugs, Extra-Oversize New Rug, and Oversize Antique Rugs.

The oversized rug galleries show only some of the extra large rugs in our inventory. If you are seeking such a rug, please contact us. We will be glad to send pictures of rugs that meet your size and type specifications.