Services We Offer

  • Washing oriental and other handwoven rugs
  • Expert hand-woven rug repair and restoration
  • Padding for every rug and surface
  • Appraisal and purchase of oriental rugs

Regular Maintenance is Important

Maintaining the beauty and value of an oriental rug is surprisingly simple. Regular vacuuming is the most important step, with care taken not to use a beater bar on the fringes. Occasionally, the back of the rug should also be vacuumed, followed by a quick vacuuming of the face. Even with diligent care however, soil and grit will eventually work its way to the base of the pile, where it cuts against the carpet wool. To avoid this abrasion, have Landry & Arcari professionally clean your rugs every 1-3 years, depending on the traffic endured.

Oops! A Spill

Spills happen. You should try to clean the spill as soon as possible before the stain sets. Start by scraping up solids and blotting, but not rubbing) up liquids (moving from the outside of the stain towards the center) with a clean rag or paper towels until dry. If dye runs onto the towel, stop and contact us. Flush area with cool water using a clean wet sponge and again blot dry. If stain remains, following the guide here.


If at any time you feel unsure and would prefer to have the spot professionally cleaned, please call us at 800-649-5909.

Our Cleaning Services: Regular Wash

Landry & Arcari's rug cleaning process is designed especially for handwoven rugs. It is the best type of cleaning for handwoven rugs because it is a thorough wash, not just a surface cleaning. The first step is dry tumbling, which loosens and removes all the deeply embedded soil from the foundation of your carpet. This is the most important step because grit in the foundation is a major cause of wear. We then rotary-scrub the the rug in a low pH bath. This process thoroughly washes the rug and restores the natural luster to the wool. We then hand-scrub any stains. At the end we rinse and hang the rugs to dry. As part of the washing we can include a moth resistor wash to your rug.

Our Cleaning Services: Extra Care Wash

If your rugs are heavily soiled and stained, made of silk, or worn and delicate, you should select our "Extra Care" cleaning. This service includes hand-scrubbing and hand-rinsing. If the condition of the rug permits, the hand-care is in addition to rotary cleaning. If the rug is too fragile, the cleaning will be entirely by hand.

Our Cleaning Services: Checking for Needed Repairs

Cleaning also offers an opportunity for a "physical" exam for your rug. We examine your rugs for signs of wear, often not readily noticeable. Fixing a small hole, tear, worn spot, end or edge wear, can extend the life of the rug and prevent the need for expensive repairs. Our experts specialize in antiques and can take care of minor conservation measures as well as complete restorations and re-weavings.

Expert Repair Service

We recommend that at least once a year, you closely examine your rugs for any sign of wear. Look for small tears or unraveling ends and edges, which, if left unrepaired, can worsen. Any time you discover damage, you may bring your rug in to us for evaluation.

We have staff of experts in rug repair and restoration. We can take care of minor conservation measures such as wrapping sides as well as complete restorations and re-weavings. We have extensive experience in repairing valuable antique rugs as well as your regular family rugs.

For extensive restoration work, we can keep minimize your costs by sending your rugs to be restored overseas. The artisan who perform these repairs are highly skilled and use the finest materials. We guarantee all repairs and will provide you full quotes before shipping the rugs. We have repair shipments going out every two months You may expect a turnaround time of three to six months.

Bring your rugs in or call 1-800-649-5909 for our convenient pickup service.


Padding keeps your rug in place and cushions it. Be sure to have a good pad to keep your rug from slipping and to extends its life. At Landry & Arcari we carry different types of padding designed for use both on hard floors and and wall-to-wall carpeting We can help you select the option most appropriate for your situation.

Appraisals and Purchases

If you need an appraisal for insurance or any legal matter, we can provide appraisals accepted by all homeowners insurance providers. Jerry and Jeff Arcari are both accredited by ORRA (Oriental Rug Retailers of America).


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