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Kilims, Dhurries, & Soumaks

We often use the term "kilim" to refer to any "flatwoven", i.e. woven without pile. In this section we include kilim, dhurries (kilims from India), and soumaks. The latter are rugs woven in a technique that creates rugs with more texture than true kilim rugs but are still are not pile rugs. Many people appreciate kilims because many of the are of purer tribal nature than most pile rugs. Others just prefer the look of a flatwoven rug. Also, since a weaver can weave a flat-woven rug faster than] she can a pile rug, kilims, dhurries, and soumaks are usually less expensive than pile rugs.

We have divided our rugs into five galleries, namely the new kilims with traditional designs, antique and vintage flatweaves, Indian dhurries, and flatweaves with modern designs.