Who knew achieving that eclectic-chic look could be so easy? Vintage-looking rugs always bring a warm and storied feel to any space; you can almost imagine their histories unfurling. Add charm by layering multiple carpets for an effortless Soho vibe, making all your Bohemian dreams come true. Perhaps you have an ultra-modern space and simply want things to feel balanced and more lived in. Whatever approach you take, you're guaranteed to find a rainbow of stunning, handmade tribal rugs here. Start stacking up your personal collection today!

Diamonds Contemporary Rug, J38495

6' 9" X 10' 1"


Vintage Kil KilimTribal Rug, J59111

8' 0" X 11' 7"


Vintage Anatolian KilimTribal Rug, J58178

8' 10" X 12' 10"


AubussonTraditional Rug, J57393

14' 4" X 23' 4"


SpecklesContemporary Rug, J54015

10' 0" X 14' 0"


Rafi Contemporary Rug, J47014

6' 7" X 9' 7"


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