Inspired by Autumn – by Kim Jermain

As the seasonal shift from long summer days begins, crisp fall temperatures ignite the warm reds, yellows and oranges of New England’s foliage. Autumn’s sizzle of color, in contrast to the cobalt blue of an afternoon sky, signals the end to the growing season and the time to prepare for the winter ahead.

Fall colors are brilliant, intense hues that light up the landscape and when brought inside, they can uplift your home’s palette. Accent colors like mustard yellow, Chinese red, or pumpkin add punch to a cool summer palette, and when used on walls, can create a glow of warmth that will raise the temperature of a winter night.

Summer Foyer 1

Fall Foyer 1

Swap out the cool watercolors of an entry hall rug (perfect during the summer months) with an area rug of tart orange. Fall color in the foyer will welcome your quests through the gray of winter with warm hospitality. Earlier generations used seasonal slipcovers and bedding to extend the life of furniture and linens and to adjust to the changing mood that comes with the change in light. Try adding red to your bedding ensembles and pair it with a colorful scatter rug that will keep feet off the cold floor when you’re reluctant to step out of a cozy bed to start the day.

I was speaking with Jerry Arcari recently, and he remembers cleaning and storing North Shore families orientals through the summer, while sisal covered the floors. With a cold snap, the fresh orientals were brought back to serve their winter duty to provide warmth and color.

Head Shot 2015 copy

Kimberly Collins Jermain is Landry & Arcari’s color expert/partner, and has been helping clients color and shape their architecture since 1989. With a landscape painter’s skill in selecting value and hue, each project is a collaboration that results in a design strategy for the complete finish.

Award winning projects have established brand recognition, created positive work and sales environments for business, and provided comfort, style and marketability for many residences along the East Coast.

She can be reached here.

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