A grand passageway or staircase deserves a rug of equal caliber. Our XX-wide runners are an ideal match for your space. These rugs are designed to transform your hallways into captivating corridors, demonstrating your distinct style right from the doorstep. Crafted with exceptional precision and using high-quality materials, our XX-wide runners combine functionality with aesthetics. The generous width allows for a statement-making impact while offering a luxurious underfoot experience. From classic motifs to modern designs, these rugs cater to a variety of tastes and interiors. Explore our vast collection of XX-wide runners and set the stage for unforgettable elegance in your home.

Qashqai Handwoven Tribal Rug, J56905

9' 11" X 15' 7"


Mamluk Handwoven Tribal Rug, J30235

10' 3" X 21' 9"


Serapi Handwoven Tribal Rug, J25143

8' 1" X 16' 10"


Bakshaish Handwoven Tribal Rug, J11568

10' 0" X 15' 5"


Beni Ouraine Handwoven Tribal Rug, J43817

10' 2" X 15' 3"


Tribal Handwoven Tribal Rug, J49292

10' 4" X 15' 5"


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