Nepalese rugs are prized additions to any living space. Because of their special, world-renowned knotting technique, handmade Nepalese carpets are often plusher, thicker, and softer than rugs from elsewhere. These rugs have a suppleness that enables their fibers to rebound after being stepped upon and that contributes to durability. Nepalese carpets are typically made from the wool of Highland sheep. However, in addition to Nepalese wool rugs, this collection of mid-sized area rugs and runners also showcases premium Nepalese silk rugs. There's a host of colors and patterns to choose from, so weaving one of these rugs into your home's décor is simple.

Zion Handwoven Contemporary Rug, J69669

9' 0" X 12' 0"


Soho Handwoven Contemporary Rug, J69676

9' 0" X 12' 0"


Rosa Handwoven Contemporary Rug, J69670

9' 0" X 12' 0"


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