Transitional Rug of the Month: April

J42413–This 8' x 10' 1" Agra Hunter from our Etched Collection has very old roots dating back to the 16th century Mughal Emperor Akbar, however it employs a very new technique in the finishing process that puts a state-of-the-art spin on a 450 year old design. The grey colored background of this piece is hand-knotted using long staple hand spun wool while all the design motifs are woven out of natural silk.

Once the carpets are completed and come off loom, they go through an oxidation procedure in the washing process that partially "etches" away some of the wool sections of the carpet while the silk animal and tree motifs remain unaffected. This creates another dimension between the two different materials resulting in a contemporary feel in an otherwise ancient pattern. The unique textures and colors of this collection have to be experienced in person! transitional

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