Colorful Oushak Carpets

oushak rug in kitchen
Interior design: Dag Design, Photos: Sarah Winchester


Step into any of the three Landry & Arcari rug showrooms, and you immediately notice that COLOR is back in a major way. “For years, the design world was ruled by grays and blues, but these days some of our top designers have been asking for an array of bright and vibrant colors paired with neutrals,” says owner Jeff Arcari.

Think classic color palettes with splashes of striking tangerines, watermelon pinks, lime greens, and deep turquoise on camel and gray backdrops. Not overpowering, but just enough to breathe a modern take on these time-honored rug designs.

The trend is welcomed in the rug world, where jewel tones have ruled for centuries (literally). Vibrant colors are finding their way into every style of rug, from contemporary to traditional. However, Arcari says Oushak rugs are leading the charge in the resurgence of saturation.

Woven in Turkey, antique Oushak carpets have long been coveted by collectors and designers alike. They are characterized by soft color palettes and large-scale graphic designs, a welcome departure from their Persian counterparts’ deep reds and navies. Contemporary Oushak weavers are sticking with their bold designs but also incorporating pops of vivid color to create uniquely modern and traditional pieces. “It’s refreshing,” says Arcari. “Opening up a new shipment of rugs puts a smile on everyone’s face.

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