Turkish Oushak rugs might come from the "land of the rising sun," but they'll be right at home in your house. With a distinct weaving style that often features larger knots, Oushak rugs boast a lovely aesthetic that's all their own. Antique and vintage Oushak rugs typically emphasize bigger and more open botanical, medallion, or angular design elements — and new rugs faithfully follow suit. The color palette ranges from cinnabar and terracotta to sand and slate, with watery blues and herbaceous greens thrown in. Solid construction and silky wool give Oushak rugs a desirable luster that's bound to put a gleam in your eye, too. Learn more about the history of Oushak rugs and their beginnings in our blog post.

Sold out
Bidjov Oushak Handwoven Tribal Rug, J73932

2' 11" X 11' 9"


Sold out
Oushak Handwoven Traditional Rug, J71553

7' 7" X 9' 11"


Sold out
Sold out
Sold out Sale
Vintage Oushak Handwoven Closeout Rug, J71132

4' 5" X 7' 4"

$850.00 $300.00

Sold out
Sold out
Oushak Handwoven Traditional Rug, J72945

10' 4" X 14' 5"


Oushak Handwoven Tribal Rug, J75118

8' 5" X 9' 8"


Oushak Handwoven Tribal Rug, J75115

8' 10" X 12' 0"


Oushak Handwoven Tribal Rug, J75114

9' 2" X 11' 11"


Oushak Handwoven Tribal Rug, J75113

10' 1" X 13' 10"


Oushak Handwoven Tribal Rug, J75112

10' 7" X 14' 10"


Oushak Handwoven Tribal Rug, J73925

8' 4" X 10' 0"


Oushak Handwoven Tribal Rug, J73924

8' 2" X 9' 9"


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