Antique Bijar & Bakhtiari Collection

“The Iron Rugs of Persia,” these are serious carpets built to last.

Antique Caucasian Collection

Charming tribal pieces bridging the gap between true folk art and refined home décor.

Antique Chinese Art Deco & Peking Rugs

Bring true distinction to your home with striking art deco rugs, Peking rugs, and Khotan rugs. These Chinese rug styles lean into earthy or gem-ton...

Antique Formal Collection

Sarouk, Kashan, Isfahan, this collection is a classical rug lovers dream. Listen to Mozart and sip tea in your study with these pieces.

Antique Heriz & Serapi Collection

The quintessential antique carpet. Woven in Persia, passed down for generations and sourced piece by piece across the globe.


Stockings, ottomans and more! Check our Accessories collection for unique gifts you can't find anywhere else.

Artist Collaboration Rugs

From canvas to carpet, featuring designs from local artists John Sarkin, Kathleen George, Paul Hackett and our own Olivia Arcari Cook.


Select high quality hand knotted rugs at greatly reduced prices.

Designer Reserve Collection

Sought after by top designers worldwide this exclusive curated collection highlights the finest in Boutique rug production today.

Gabbeh Rugs

The nomadic lifestyle of the Qashqai, Luri, and Kurd weavers of Southern Persia is forever imprinte...

Global Chic By Vani Sayeed

A textural expression from concept to loom, the Global Chic Collection is a weaving of art, culture and beauty.

Illusion Collection

Originally inspired by fields of tall grass, this rug production based in Agra weaves hard wearing rugs in soothing subliminal designs.

Kilims, Flatweaves & Dhurries

Versatile, casual and low maintenance. For the beach house, the penthouse, or both.

Mamluk Collection

15th Century designs for the modern home. Sourced from Turkey, Afghanistan, Nepal and India, timeless rugs you can dress up or down.

Mazar Collection

Click here if you like happy rugs. Tribal and Formal pieces by Turkmen weavers in Afghanistan, bursting with color and whi...

Moroccan Rugs

Funky designs and bold colors, these unique tribal rugs meet at the perfect intersection of comfy cozy and contemporary sophistication.

New Arrivals

Get an exclusive sneak peek at the unique handknotted rugs arriving daily in our showrooms from all over the world!

New Turkmen Afghan Collection

Circa 1990, displaced Afghan Turkmen weavers construct looms in Northern Pakistan and reinvent vegetal dyed cottage industry weaving.

Oushak Rugs

Oushak or Ushak rugs are a distinct type woven with a design of angular large-scale floral elements around the western Turkish town of Usak.

Pictorial & Folkart Rugs

Have a little fun! Whimsical designs suited for the kid’s room and the formal living room alike.

Pillows & Cubes

All the little things that bring the room together.

Rugs By Tissage

On the forefront of modern rug innovation for 3 generations, the Kapoor family piloted the renaissance of contemporary handwoven rugs.

Silk Treasures Collection

Spins of natural silk fused with fibers from recycled Saris these fiery Indian rugs emulate the passion and personality of their creators.

Tibetan Rugs By Bespoke

Natural materials and time honored Tibetan weaving traditions melded with clean lined transitional and textural patterns.

Vintage Flatweave Collection

Make all your bohemian dreams come true. Collect multiples and layer them all over for that effortless “starving artist in Soho” vibe.

Wool & Silk Afghan Collection

Erbil Tezcan’s relentless pursuit for the extraordinary comes to fruition through these finely knotted Vegetal dyed Afghan woven carpets.

Wool & Silk Nepal Collection

Erbil Tezcan’s award winning Wool & Silk collection pushes boundaries and reshapes our expectations of what a carpet can be.

Yastik Rugs & Mini Masterpieces

Yastik rugs are utilitarian, originally created for pillows or prayer rugs. In fact, Yastik trans...

Yerra Fine Hides

When you see a Yerra Hide rug you instantly appreciate what sets them apart; amazing consistency in color and extra attention to details.

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