The designs in Aubusson rugs, Savonnerie rugs, and Aubusson tapestries use gradual color changes to create depth that has a three-dimensional quality. Developed in 17th-century France, this style largely features floral, celestial, or regal elements that are reminiscent of inlaid wood or stone, Wedgewood porcelain, or ceilings painted by Renaissance masters. These rugs and tapestries will add a touch of European charm and je ne sais quoi, transforming any room in your home into a chic grand salon. If you're eager to inject elegance or sophistication into your décor, be sure to check out our assortment of handcrafted Aubusson and Savonnerie showpieces.

Savonnerie Handwoven Closeout Rug, J16242

9' 11" X 13' 11"

$8,300.00 $4,980.00

Savonnerie Needlepoint Closeout Rug, 42666

10' 3" X 14' 0"

$5,500.00 $1,375.00

Aubusson Tufted Closeout Rug, J41625

5' 7" X 8' 6"

$715.00 $358.00

Aubusson Hooked Traditional Rug, 29536

8' 9" X 17' 6"


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