Bring true distinction to your home with striking Art Deco rugs, Peking rugs, and Khotan rugs. These Chinese rug styles lean into earthy or gem-toned colors and defined borders with sparse or repeating nature- or culturally-inspired central motifs. The art deco rugs reflect popular 1920s'-1940s' aesthetics like balanced asymmetry, simpler patterns, geometric elements, and fewer and lower-contrast colors. Peking and Khotan rugs — perhaps what comes to mind when you hear "oriental rug" — exhibit floral and mythological themes, traditional symbols, medallions, and symmetrical corner and edge designs. Explore this lively and diverse collection for the rug of your dreams!

Sold out
Antique Feddeh Handwoven Closeout Rug, JF6942

8' 7" X 8' 10"

$4,500.00 $1,800.00

Antique Feddeh Handwoven Closeout Rug, JF5363

6' 0" X 8' 8"

$4,500.00 $1,400.00

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