Arabesque Handwoven Traditional Rug, J70498



Size: 5' 10" X 6' 0"

SKU: J70498

Pile Fiber: Wool

Surface: Pile

Age: New

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SKU J70498
Size 5' 10" X 6' 0"
Size Category 6 X 9
Shape Round
Design Arabesque
Origin Afghani
Style Traditional
Sub Style Formal Classic Persian
Primary Color Red
Background Color Rust
Accent Color Blue
Pile Fiber Wool
Foundation Fiber Cotton
Construction Handwoven
Surface Pile
Age New

Introducing the exquisite afghani rug with a traditional arabesque design. This rug originates from the artistry of ethnic Turkmen weavers, primarily from the Esari Subtribe. It is crafted using wool sourced from sheep in the Ghazni Province of Southeast Afghanistan, where the mountainous terrain fosters the growth of longer staple oily wool, known for its higher quality in carpet weaving.

The wool is carefully carted and hand-spun into carpet yarn in the western region of Afghanistan near Herat. Skilled artisans weave this rug on traditional floor looms in their own homes, contributing to a cottage industry-type production. The weaving technique employed is an asymmetrical "Persian" knot type, while the warp and weft are composed of cotton, ensuring durability. The densely packed depressed warp weaving, with a double weft, results in a highly resilient handwoven carpet of exceptional quality.

A true testament to the craftsmanship of the past, this rug features all-natural dye stuffs that have been utilized for centuries. The stunning blue border is achieved through the use of natural indigo dyes, derived from the leaves of the indigo plant. Indigo, one of the oldest known dyes used by humans, boasts a rich history spanning thousands of years and has been revered for its ability to produce vibrant blue hues.

Complementing the indigo border is a captivating rust background adorned with an intricate arabesque design. The vibrant red hues in the pattern are obtained from natural madder root dyes. These dyes, derived from the roots of the madder plant (Rubia tinctorum), have been cultivated for centuries and can produce a range of warm and cool red, orange, pink, and brown shades. Madder root dyes have been cherished throughout various cultures worldwide for their versatility and aesthetic appeal.

Measuring 5 '10" x 6 '0 ", this rug showcases exceptional craftsmanship with 80 knots per square inch. Based on the KPSI (knots per square inch) calculation, this rug boasts an impressive 398,321 individually hand-tied knots. The combination of the traditional design, high-quality wool, and centuries-old natural dyes make this rug a true masterpiece, reflecting the rich heritage and artistic talent preserved within.

Imbued with cultural significance and timeless beauty, this afghani rug with its arabesque design is a remarkable addition to any discerning collector's repertoire.

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