Our Vintage Wash Collection introduces a captivating fusion of styles that beautifully rejuvenates antique rugs. These handwoven pieces seamlessly merge the allure of a bygone era with modern sophistication, resulting in truly unique creations. Crafted using traditional techniques, each vintage rug undergoes a meticulous process, including precise chemical treatment, washing, sun-fading, or shearing, to achieve a soft and evocatively faded aesthetic.

Despite their gracefully aged appearance, these rugs boast remarkable durability, promising years of enjoyment. With an array of colors and motifs to choose from, our collection offers options that will elevate any interior, catering to a range of styles from traditional to eclectic. We've harnessed the art of vintage washing to breathe new life into antique rugs, celebrating a trend where even new rugs embrace an old-world charm.

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