Heriz Handwoven Tribal Rug, J71291



Size: 8' 11" X 12' 0"

SKU: J71291

Pile Fiber: Ivory

Surface: Pile

Age: New

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SKU J71291
Size 8' 11" X 12' 0"
Size Category 9 X 12
Shape Rectangle
Design Heriz
Origin Afghani
Style Tribal
Sub Style Nomadic Persian & Turkish
Primary Color Wool On Cotton
Background Color Crème
Accent Color Coral
Pile Fiber Ivory
Foundation Fiber Missing
Construction Handwoven
Surface Pile
Age New

Introducing the Afghan Heriz Tribal Rug, an exquisite piece originating from Afghanistan, specifically the region of Heriz. This new rug showcases intricate and elaborate patterns, predominantly composed of geometric designs. The background color is a creamy shade, while the border features a charming coral hue.

The rug measures 8'11" x 12'0", offering a generous size for any space. Its construction combines wool on a cotton foundation, ensuring durability and longevity.

Let's delve into the dazzling design elements of this rug. At its core, there is a large, symmetrical medallion with a hexagonal shape. Pointed extensions radiate outward from its corners, creating an intriguing visual effect. Within the medallion, you'll find intricate geometric shapes and motifs, including smaller diamonds and floral-like patterns.

Surrounding the central medallion, a sequence of interconnected, angular, and symmetrical motifs creates a starburst effect. These motifs resemble zigzags or serrated edges, adding depth and complexity to the rug.

The primary border frames the central portion of the rug. It showcases a continuous sequence of alternating motifs, which could possibly be stylized, geometric interpretations of floral and animal figures. These motifs are arranged in a series of boxed symbols interspersed with more intricate designs.

Flanking the primary border, you'll notice narrower bands with their own repeating patterns. One of the borders features rectangular boxes, each housing a symmetrical motif. The other border displays linear shapes, resembling elongated hexagons filled with cross-like patterns.

Each of the rug's four corners outside the primary border is adorned with a consistent geometric motif. This mirrored design radiates outward, as if four parts of a larger pattern converge at each corner.

The background of the rug is adorned with an array of smaller geometric motifs, including angular shapes, smaller diamonds, and stylized representations of botanical elements. This background sets the stage for the harmonious interplay of geometric patterns and symmetry found throughout the rug.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into creating this rug are evident in its meticulous design. With its impressive knots per square inch (KPSI) of 80, we estimate that this rug has a total of 1,217,736 individually hand-tied knots.

This Afghan Heriz Tribal Rug embodies the beauty and heritage of Afghan rug weaving. It is a testament to the skill and artistry of the ethnic Turkmen weavers, most notably from the Esari Subtribe. The wool used in this rug comes from sheep in the Ghazni Province of Southeast Afghanistan, known for producing high-quality wool due to its mountainous terrain.

The weaving process takes place in the western side of Afghanistan, near Herat, where the wool is hand carted and spun into carpet yarn. The rugs are woven on traditional floor looms within the weavers' own homes, making it a cottage industry type production. The rugs utilize an asymmetrical "Persian" knot type and feature a cotton warp and weft with an all-wool pile.

The dyes used in this rug are derived from centuries-old natural dye stuffs, ensuring a rich and enduring color palette. Most of these rugs are woven in Aqucha and Mazar Sharif, using 2-ply yarn per knot.

As a result of the combined effort and expertise invested in its creation, this Afghan Heriz Tribal Rug is a highly durable and visually captivating piece. Its intricate geometric patterns and impeccable craftsmanship make it a unique and treasured addition to any space.

(Note: This description is for the specific rug mentioned and may not apply to other rugs of a similar design and origin.)

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