How to Discuss Buying a Rug or Carpet with Your Partner

Getting a new carpet or rug can be a big deal — it’s a commitment. It takes time, money, and energy to make it happen. And, once you have your new floor covering, you’re probably going to be living with it for years to come.

Having to get your partner on board can add a layer of complexity. But, with a little forethought and guidance — we know you’ll outmaneuver any relationship-based challenges that might arise! You can have your lovely rug or carpet and maybe even deepen your connection with your significant other.

Things to Consider when Buying a Carpet or Rug

Whenever you’re setting out to buy a rug or carpet, you must determine your needs, preferences, and any constraints that may influence your options.

Practicalities of Purchasing a Rug or Carpet

Starting with the basics is a good way to get the ball rolling and get a reality check. You’ll want to identify any non-negotiables in terms of the looks and function of the floor covering, money matters, and so on.

Let’s Talk Money

Prices for high-quality floor coverings run the gamut. So, we recommend that you do a bit of preliminary research and hone in on an acceptable budget range. Think not only about the price of the rug, but the value it has for you. Also, decide if you’re going to buy your rug or carpet outright or use financing. Going into this with a firm grasp on the financials — and sticking to this plan — can prevent a ton of hassle and headaches down the line!

Lifestyle Factors

There are countless gorgeous floor coverings out there. That doesn’t make them a sensible choice for you.

Your picks will probably differ depending upon:

  • Whether or not you have kids or pets
  • The level of foot traffic your carpet or rug will get
  • How visible or hidden the rug or carpet will be
  • The climate or other environmental variables (e.g., smoke, cooking odors, moisture) your carpet or rug will be exposed to 

Looking Ahead to the Future

Even if you’re just getting started, it’s never too early to think about the long-term plan for your carpet or rug. Before making your purchase, it’s helpful to answer questions like:

  • How long do you intend to own this carpet or rug?
  • Will this carpet or rug be a family heirloom?
  • Do you envision reselling your carpet or rug?
  • If you move, would you take your carpet or rug with you?
  • Are you interested in repairing or refurbishing your carpet or rug if needed?
  • Are you planning to remodel in the future? If so, will your carpet or rug still fit in?

How you respond will influence every aspect of your rug and carpet selection.

Room Layout & Aesthetics

This is possibly the most obvious piece of the puzzle. But, it’s smart to have some of these details settled before stepping into a showroom. You and your partner will be ready to shop more efficiently and with more ease.

Together, you can start determining the colors, styles, sizes, shapes, textures, and materials that work for your home and your hearts. Some of these aspects will be dictated by the constraints of your space and the intended function of the floor covering. Others will depend purely on your preferences — like how much future maintenance you’re willing to commit to.

For a really in-depth primer on how to purchase a rug — check out our Rug Buying Guide, a thorough read for loads of details on things like:

  • How to pick a rug size
  • How to pick a rug color
  • Styles of carpets and rugs
  • Materials and techniques used to make floor coverings

Choosing a Rug as a Couple — Everyone Can Be a Winner!

At Landry & Arcari, we like to walk on the side of positivity. There’s always a way to ensure that both you and your partner are delighted with your rug or carpet purchase.

11 Tips to Make Carpet or Rug Buying More Couples Friendly

We’ve been in this business a long time and have helped many couples navigate the process with success. Here are some tips we’ve gleaned along the way. Let our learnings and insights make your path to rug or carpet ownership that much smoother!

  1. Have fun! Set the right tone from the beginning. Broach this with the mindset that this will be an enjoyable endeavor. Use it as an opportunity to tap into your playful or creative spirits.
  2. Be a team. Embrace this as a shared experience that can strengthen (rather than strain) your relationship. It’s not a zero-sum situation.
  3. Be prepared to not always agree. It’s okay to find out how different your tastes are — taste is subjective. Need versus want can be a shifting and fine line. Each person is unique. No matter how tuned in to each other you and your other half are, there’s a good chance you won’t see eye-to-eye 100% of the time on your favorite carpets or rugs. Acknowledging and accepting this can pave the way for less friction down the line.
  4. Communicate. Open dialogue is always key, but can be more so when there’s a sizable investment of money and emotion. Voice your impressions and opinions and be an active listener when your partner is expressing theirs. Everyone likes to be seen, heard, and treated well! 
  5. Compromise is key. First, even if you don’t agree with your other half’s views, make an attempt to validate them and respond in a tactful, constructive manner (e.g., point out why you disagree and then offer a compromise solution). There are always ways to compromise.
  6. Have a plan. Approaching your rug or carpet buying with some predefined parameters can be a lifesaver. It removes areas for potential conflict and gives you and your partner a place of common ground from which to move forward.
  7. Take your time. You probably aren’t racing against a clock, so pace yourselves. Give yourselves the chance to review and evaluate your options so you’re comfortable with your ultimate purchase.
  8. Keep perspective. Try to remember that as momentous as getting a new floor covering may be, your significant other is more important. There’s room for two enduring loves in your home!
  9. Prepare. A little prep goes a whole long way! Before you get too deep into the shopping phase, settle on the basics: what you’re going to buy (e.g., size range, shape, colors, fibers), budget and financing, etc.
  10. Take pictures and measurements. Having an image of any rug or carpet that you’re interested in, as well as recording meaningful details (e.g., price, lead time, size), is really helpful when you and your partner sit down to discuss which one to pick. Also having room measurements on hand or any furniture upholstery samples can help determine if a rug will fit or match your space. 
  11. Shortlist. Narrow down your favorite options to just a handful of final contenders. Together, list out the pros and cons you each have for these finalists. Applying a weighted numerical value to your assessments can help you “score” your choices — a clear winner may reveal itself to you.

Final Words of Advice from a Flooring Expert

We asked our flooring expert Margaret for a few words of advice to couples looking to buy a rug or carpet together:

How do you manage couples that disagree?

For us, it’s important to present options for both and encourage them to try some of each at home. If you really disagree with one direction, find a way to educate them as to why you don’t think it will work. Sometimes the one with the better taste gets validation from other people in the showroom that are passing by. That’s always helpful. But, if one feels like you’re only selling to half the couple, the sale is not likely to go through.

What are some ways couples can compromise?

There are always ways to compromise. If one person is more traditional and wants a traditional pattern but the other wants contemporary, you could steer them toward something more transitional like an erased Mamluk in a soft, neutral tone. But it’s also up to the couple to compromise. When one digs their heels in, that’s tough.

Do you have any tips for "getting your way?"

Do your homework. Have a compromise or a nod built into your direction. Know in advance what you are prepared to compromise on. But my favorite is, shop alone first and find the “land mines” before you go shopping together. Presenting an illusion of choice can tip the scales in your favor!

Landry & Arcari’s Here to Help

Getting the perfect floor covering — the one that’s the finishing touch for your home and that you’ll love for years to come — is no easy task. You have so many options and considerations, including making sure both you and your partner are happy with your rug or carpet.

Connecting people — couples — to the carpet or rug they’ve been searching for is one of our strengths. We’re eager to assist you and your partner in finding the ideal floor covering and making the shopping process as easy as possible.

Shop online or visit any of our New England area showrooms today!

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