Carpet Seams

One of the most important questions regarding a carpet installation (a question that is typically not asked) is “how will this carpet seam?” First, be careful about creating more seams than are necessary; you can always cut down on overall yardage by using smaller pieces, creating more seams. But this is usually penny wise and pound foolish.

Secondly, every carpet seams differently; that is, some seams are more obvious than others. Your perception of what your seamed carpet will look like can be quite different than the reality. Many hand-loomed and flat weave carpets will have more pronounced seams. Other carpets such as shags, Saxony pile and tip shears will seam very nicely due to the enhanced pile height. However, there is no such thing as a completely invisible seam. If you go looking for it you will find it.

Prior to the invention of “broadloom” in the late 20th century, carpet was woven on narrow looms of 27 inch widths and then hand sewn together to fill out a room. Today, many carpets are woven in 12 and 13 foot widths and even 15 foot widths, eliminating the need for seams in some cases.

But it is still very important to consult with us about the seam locations in your space. Try to have them placed in non-traffic areas, under a bed or under a sofa etc. Try to not have any cross seams (at right angles) unless it is a shag. It is also important to attend the initial carpet measure and discuss the placing of the seams as part of the overall quote for the job. This will go a long way in ensuring proper placement of the carpet seams.

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