Contemporary Tibetan Rug Up Close

We are always experimenting with new designs in our Nepalese line of rugs. One of the most interesting is a design that we have called "Monet", because we can interpret the design as water lily pads and buds floating on water. This is in tribute to Claude Monet's famous series of painting on this theme.

Monet Blue: Example of a Contemporary Tibetan RUgMonet, Blue, 8 feet x 10 feet As many of our contemporary designs, this rug design was inspired by a fabric. We adjusted the scale of the motif to make the design more dramatic. We have noticed a trend in contemporary rugs towards larger and more dramatic scales.

Fabric that inspired the Monet, Blue, Tibetan rug

The fabric that inspired the rug design To create a shimmering look of the water around the lilies we played with the background texture. The "water" effect is created by alternating a row of silk pile with a row of looped cafe-au-lait colored wool. The lilies themselves are wool and mohair blend pile. Since the silk pile does not stay up uniformly, the light brown peaks through unevenly. This creates a wonderful misty aura in rug background.


Closeup of texture of a contemporary Tibetan rug

Closeup showing alternating rows of silk pile and wool loops The latest shipment of rugs from our production has just arrived from Nepal. It included four different sizes of our Monet, Blue, design. As other rugs in our collection, we are happy to weave custom sizes or adjust the colors and design to customer preferences. If you are in our area, check out examples of this beautiful rug in either of our showrooms, Boston and Salem, MA.

Texture of a Tibetan rug creating a shimmering, watery effect

Monet, Blue, Tibetan rug: detail of another view

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