Dhurries: Beautiful, Flexible, and Economical

In our most recent shipment from India, we have a good number of dhurrie (alternatively dhurry, durrie, and durry) rugs. These flatwoven rugs are a traditional floor covering of India and Pakistan. Although frequently these are all-cotton, ours are wool on a cotton foundation. The wool surface is better wearing and easier to maintain than that of cotton.

These rugs are especially woven for us. Jeff Arcari in one of his visits to the Indian rug-weaving of Bhadohi worked out the color placements in the designs to make them especially appealing to our clientele. He created six different color combinations.

Landry & Arcari’s Dhurrie DesignsDesigns of Landry & Arcari Dhurries

These rugs are products of a cottage industry. A weaving family will typically have three or four looms under tent cover outside of their homes. The weaver propels a hand-propelled shuttle to weave the design. In a number of ways this cottage weaving resembles the production of Harris Tweed in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

We have a large range of size of these designs as rugs and runner: 2'6" x 8', 2'6" x 13', 5' x 8', 9' x 12', and 10' x 15'. If we don't have the exact size that you need, we can trim a rug or sew two or more rugs together. We have made a stair runner from these dhurries.

With prices starting at $180 these rugs are a great buy. They would look wonderful in a beach home or a casual room.

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