Jeff's Picks: Oushak, Gabbeh & "Frances"

Turkish Oushak

J42721 - Inspired by the rejuvenation of 19th century carpet production in and around the city of Oushak in western Turkey, this modern piece captures the magic of its predecessors. All of the materials and techniques employed are the same as the 150 year old pieces which are in such high demand by today's leading interior designers.

These pieces are individually dyed and hand woven in cottage industry fashion. Finishing is a lengthy process; weavers sun fade, shear and wash each rug multiple times until the colors are just right. This particular Turkish Oushak has happy clear shades on dyed lustrous long staple sheep's wool. The rendering of the design replicates the bold and unique characteristics found in the 19th century originals and measures 9'1" x 11'10".



J42802 - Gabbeh carpets have long been sought after, both here and in Europe, for their lustrous thick wool pile, imaginative utilitarian folk designs and vibrant, saturated natural colors. In Farsi, the word "gabbeh" means something raw, organic, or in its natural form, which is the perfect descriptor for this amazing form of personal expression rug art.

This particular piece is a favorite of ours, and is one of a series of fish-inspired designs that we have here at Landry & Arcari. The deep midnight navy blues are derived from natural Indigo dye stuffs and are from the first dipping of wool from the vat. Subsequent dippings in the same gradually diluted dye bath then produce the progressively lighter shades of blue, all the way to natural ivory. This carpet measures 7' x 10'3".



J39800 - Inspired by a spherical sculpture he saw last year on vacation in Las Vegas, this design was the idea of our own Jerry Arcari (Jerry named this rug "Frances" after his mother). Our designers and weavers in Nepal did an amazing job translating that concept into a finely woven, highly durable pile carpet. This rug is bursting with life; over 40 individual dye shades are used, fashioning a bold palette with subtle detail.

Multiple designs are layered bringing about a dimensional aspect to the piece, and the use of a wool and silk blended pile creates various textures throughout. Available in stock in a 9 foot diameter. Rectangular, square and custom shapes are also available at no additional charge (as is always the case with Landry & Arcari's custom program). This piece is currently on display in our Route 9 Framingham location but can be transferred easily to Boston or Salem showrooms upon request.

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