"Macro" Rug Photography

We know that our work in the interior design field entails keeping track of many details. It is, in part, the attention paid to these myriad details that makes the finished space flow effortlessly and appear as if it was just "meant to be." At Landry & Arcari, we understand that the beauty is indeed in the details, and we work with you to understand the many project components that you are dealing with: light, space, color palette, furniture and art choices, window treatments, etc. By understanding the inter-connected pieces, we can bring to bear the details involved in the successful integration of rugs and carpeting into your project. There are many details to consider when choosing a rug and/or carpet, but we’re here to help you navigate the process and make your choices with confidence.

The close-up rug photos below exemplify our shared ideals: the beauty of attention to detail, the importance of craftsmanship and the carefully considered aesthetic judgments that we make on a daily basis. We hope you enjoy them.

All photos by Marshall Dackert.

IMG_6061_web IMG_6076_web IMG_6093_web IMG_6131-Edit_web IMG_6140_web IMG_6165_web

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