Rug Design 101: The Range of Rug Designs

There is a vast and diverse range of rug designs available - from ancient, traditional patterns that have been passed down through centuries to contemporary designs that reflect a modern sensibility. Whether choosing from handmade oriental rugs or broadloom carpeting, a world of choices awaits you.

Kashan, an example of a formal oriental rug design, Heriz, an example of a geometric rug design Oushak rug, relaxed in weave and design.

Would you like something formal such as a Kashan design rug with fine and intricate detail (left)? Perhaps you would prefer bold and geometric such as a Heriz (center)? Maybe a rug relaxed in design and weave such as an Oushak best reflects your tastes (right)?

All of these Oriental rug designs are natural complements for fine antiques. However, don't let that limit you; traditional rug designs also look splendid with contemporary furnishings.

Traditional rug in contemporary decor. Traditional rug in a contemporary home.
Gemetric patterns in a contemporary oriental rug. Some rugs emphasize texture over design. Gabbehs, ancient designs with a contemporary feel.

You won't believe the range of contemporary designs now available in rugs. Some contemporary designs show bold geometric patterns (left). Others have little or no pattern and emphasize texture (center). Maybe consider a gabbeh rug, an ancient, tribal design with a contemporary look (right).

And just as traditional rug designs can be used with contemporary furnishings, so too can contemporary rugs be used to great effect with antiques. Don't be afraid to mix it up!

A contemporary rug fitting well with traditional furniture
Transitional oriental rug inspired by a fabric with a floral design

Consider also the increasingly popular "transitional" rugs that use designs that are derived from fabrics. Like fine fabrics, these rugs often emphasize wonderfully luxurious materials, such as silk and mohair. As in fabrics, the designs can vary from cozy to cutting edge. They offer an updated color palette in a wide range of tones, from very soft to strong. And since the designs derive from fabrics, you will easily find upholstery and curtains to match.

Don't be overwhelmed with all these choices; a fine rug showroom can assist you in picking out colors and styles to find the perfect rug for you. Try out rugs in your home to see what fits best. And if you don't find the perfect rug, an experienced rug dealer can look for you or even have one custom-made to your exact requirements.

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