Rugs: A Foundation for Great Design

How best to integrate all of your various design elements to achieve the style you want can be overwhelming. To unify your look, consider choosing a rug first. Once you have selected your rugs and carpeting, the rest of your decor–wall colors, upholstery fabrics, furniture, window treatments, etc.–will follow. Your rug is the foundation of the room. If you love your rug, you will love your room. 

An antique rug in a traditional room

This blog is dedicated to living with rugs. As owner/operators of Landry & Arcari Oriental Rugs and Carpeting, a rug store in Boston and Salem, Massachusetts, we've had the privilege of experiencing the world of rugs through the people who own them, the weavers who handcraft them, the designers who use "art underfoot" to create compelling and livable designs, and the countries and cultures they come from. Through this blog we hope to share some of the unique joy that we've experienced as we've traveled this world, both literally and figuratively.

A Tibetan rug weaver in Nepal

Postings will explore trends in design and carpeting, and reflect on the sources around us that inspire us. Blogs on the beauty, history, and manufacturing of rugs will hopefully serve as a primer on the ancient and fascinating world of rugs. And because we know that rugs are practical as well as inspirational, we plan to include concrete advice about choosing, using, and caring for your oriental rugs and broadloom carpeting.

If there are specific topics you'd like us to address, let us know. We hope that by sharing a bit of our world we will encourage you to share yours too.

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