Ten Reasons Why You Need a Rug Pad Under Your Rug

So picture the scene: you're at one of Landry & Arcari's three showrooms, and one of our knowledgeable salespeople has just helped you pick out the perfect hand-made rug for your space. Exactly the one you've been searching for. It's a significant purchase, but how often does perfection fall right at your feet?

So the salesperson goes to ring up your rug, and asks you if you'd like to purchase a rug pad. Your knee-jerk reaction is "no," because you're already spending a fair amount on the rug itself. But before you let "no" be your final answer, here's a list of things to consider about that rug pad.

It'll make the rug more comfortable. Regardless of how thick your rug is, there's a hard floor beneath it. If you want that bouncy, cushiony feel when you walk on your rug, a rug pad will provide it.

It'll make your rug last longer. Try and visualize the rug fibers as they're caught between your foot and the hard floor. There's nothing to prevent them from being crushed, right? A rug pad will provide cushioning so the fibers can flex and take less damage.

It'll make things safer. Generally speaking, this is a consideration for smaller rugs, but any rug has the potential to shift and slip out from under you, especially on a polished surface. A rug pad will keep your rug in place.

It'll help level an uneven floor. If there is considerable space in between your floorboards, or if you have a slate floor, a rug pad underneath your rug can help smooth out the inconsistencies of the floor surface that might manifest themselves should you use just the rug itself.

It'll provide insulation and sound proofing. Rug pads provide additional insulation between floors, as well as added sound-proofing (that's why you often see rugs and carpeting in recording studios!).

It'll keep things cleaner. With a pad to keep your rug from shifting (see above) you'll be able to vacuum it more effectively, meaning a cleaner carpet and a cleaner home.

It‚'ll protect your floors. As much as you love your new rug, there's no end of damage it can cause to the floor beneath, including discoloration from dye transfer, marring, and scratches, plus staining from liquids that get spilled on the rug. A rug pad will prevent all of this.

It'll prevent buckling and wrinkling. Larger rugs are more likely to buckle and wrinkle at the corners, which is unsightly and a potential trip hazard. A rug pad will alleviate this issue.

It's an investment. When you think about it, why would you spend a lot of money on a rug and not want to give it the best chance to last forever? A rug pad may not make the rug last until the end of time, but it will give it a much longer life.

It's easy. True, some rugs require a professional to cut the rug pad, but in most instances, you can trim it down yourself with a solid pair of scissors and lay it yourself as well. Of course, we're happy to cut yours down to just the right size.

So think twice before dismissing the idea of a rug pad. It will make your beloved rug better in every way imaginable.


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