Vintage Handwoven Yastik Rugs - Meet our Mini Masterpieces

mini masterpieces- vintage yastik rugs

Yastik’s are utilitarian, originally created for pillows or prayer rugs. In fact, Yastik translates in Turkish to ‘pillow.’ Each piece is handwoven and modeled after centuries-old village designs, with specific symbols tied to each region. These ‘Mini Masterpieces’ range anywhere in origin from the early 1900s up to the 1980s.

What I love about these little Yastik and village rugs is how they serendipitously come to market. Pickers go around to remote villages throughout Turkey. They knock on people’s doors looking to trade their new, coveted rugs in exchange for older, handwoven pieces. Each one is sweet and unique. Over time, some get washed, sun-faded, or sheared, while others keep their original form, sharing stories of the weavers who crafted them. This symbiotic process is something we celebrate and strive for.” Says owner Jeff Arcari. 


At the extremely affordable price range of $125-$250, these tribal rugs are ideal for adding a touch of character to any foyer, kitchen, or hallway. Beyond the floor, Yastik’s make excellent wall candy. Hang them as art or layer them on a tabletop for texture. The design possibilities are endless.

Browse our latest Collection, “Yastiks & Mini Masterpieces,” to find the next great inspiration for your home!

Let's see how our local designers have styled these vintage gems.

Lindsay Bentis of Thread Interiors loves using layer elements of color, texture, and textiles to complete a space. Always looking to art and nature as a guide, she has the unique ability to weave a West Cost organic modernism into New England homes.

After a partial renovation, Meredith of Meredith Rodday Design chose this Yastik for her bathroom. When selecting the right rug she says, “it needed something vintage, so it didn’t feel too new and perfect.” Meredith’s style is a mix of East Coast meets West Coast with a clean, casual, and refined vibe.

The juxtaposition of blending modern with vintage creates a balanced, lived-in feel. When dabbling in the art of rug layering there are a few details to consider. Our design-savvy Sales Consultants, suggest layering over a low looped textured carpet, whether that be jute, wool, or sisal.

Once the backdrop has been chosen, placement is key. There should be a decent size border around the rug on top, roughly two-thirds the size of the bottom rug. The positioning can be lined up and symmetrical, perhaps to accentuate a coffee table, or diagonally placed and off-centered, for an edgier look. By choosing your rugs carefully, a simple shift in the way they are layered will allow for an entirely new look.

If our selection of Mini Masterpieces is not quite the size you are seeking, please enjoy our selection of larger Vintage Turkish Village Rugs!


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