With standout modern rugs gracing your floors, there's no chance that your home will have an austere or chilly feel. Instead, you can create spaces alive with color, texture, and pattern. This collection features an astounding variety of contemporary rugs. With everything from animal hides to wool and silk, abstract motifs to images of the natural world, and lustrous neutrals to vibrant jewel tones, there's something here for you. And, while this group of rugs is perfect for home fashions de jour, these handmade gems will look amazing for ages.

Sold out
Raku Handwoven Contemporary Rug, J69936

3' 0" X 10' 0"


Ryo Handwoven Contemporary Rug, J69916

9' 10" X 13' 6"


Diamonds Contemporary Rug, J38495

6' 9" X 10' 1"


Sold out
Dewdrop Handwoven Contemporary Rug, J69926

11' 10" X 15' 4"


Sold out
Raku Handwoven Contemporary Rug, J69937

3' 0" X 12' 0"


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