Vintage Heriz Handwoven Tribal Rug, J68411



Size: 9' 5" X 13' 2"

SKU: J68411

Pile Fiber: Wool

Surface: Pile

Age: Vintage

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SKU J68411
Size 9' 5" X 13' 2"
Size Category 10 X 14
Shape Rectangle
Design Heriz
Origin Persian
Style Tribal
Sub Style Nomadic Persian & Turkish
Primary Color Pink
Background Color Coral
Accent Color Sage
Pile Fiber Wool
Foundation Fiber Cotton
Construction Handwoven
Surface Pile
Age Vintage
Circa 1920

This antique Persian rug, hailing from the village of Heriz, emulates the quintessential style of rugs from this region with its distinctive tribal design and vibrant palette. The rug dates back to circa 1920, aligning with the time when Heriz rugs gained considerable popularity in the global market.

The Heriz rug measures 9'5" x 13'2", providing a substantial surface area that showcases the detailed craftsmanship. The material is composed of wool on cotton, demonstrating the traditional choice of materials that contribute to their renowned durability and comfort.

The dominant color is a deep, rich red which, according to the color psychology, adds a touch of warmth and energy to any room that it graces. It is flanked by a harmonious blend of terra cotta, blues, greens, creams, gray, and muted beige shades, resulting in a well-balanced color symmetry that is pleasing to the eyes.

At the heart of the rug lies a large diamond-shaped medallion, a signature feature of Heriz rugs. Its darker red is outlined with intricate cream and blue details, harmoniously packed within the rug's centre. The symmetrical geometrical and floral patterns within this medallion add a layer of complexity to its design.

Drawing one's gaze away from the medallion, one notices the detailed field decorated with intricate floral and geometric patterns. Arranged in a repeating sequence, these designs consist of leaves, branches, flowers, and possibly stylized animal forms woven together, creating a detailed visual story.

The border of the rug contributes to the overall aesthetic with its distinctive feature. It is wide and is decorated with a several bands, the outermost being narrow with a repeating pattern and the inner ones being wider. The larger bands feature complex floral and geometric shapes, echoing the patterns spotted within the central field.

The finish of the rug conveys a sense of skillful craftsmanship, suggestive of the traditional hand-knotting technique that is the backbone of Persian rugs. The density of the weave gives it a strong pile, underlining its remarkable durability. This rare combination of beauty and longevity makes the Heriz rugs a prized possession among carpet lovers worldwide.

Historically, the Persian rugs have been influenced by the designs and techniques from neighboring tribes, including the Turks, Armenians, and Kurds. Such elements of broad cultural exchange are visible in this Heriz rug. This amalgamation is reflected via the bold, angular designs that differentiate Heriz rugs from other Persian rugs.

Despite the passing of over a century, the techniques, designs, and the charm of Heriz rugs remain preserved. The cold climate of Heriz contributes to the fine quality of the wool, recognized globally for its superior quality. Long winters in Heriz make rug weaving an ideal winter occupation, hence contributing to the continuous production of these intricately hand-knotted rugs.

To sum it up, this antique Persian Heriz rug is a proud representation of traditional Persian rug craftsmanship, embodying cultural influences, and historical significance. It blends the rustic flair of the Heris village craftsmanship with the sophistication of the Persian royal courts, resulting in a timeless piece of art appreciated by carpet aficionados across the globe.

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