Vintage Heriz Handwoven Tribal Rug, J69177



Size: 9' 4" X 13' 3"

SKU: J69177

Pile Fiber: Wool

Surface: Pile

Age: Vintage

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SKU J69177
Size 9' 4" X 13' 3"
Size Category 10 X 14
Shape Rectangle
Design Heriz
Origin Persian
Style Tribal
Sub Style Nomadic Persian & Turkish
Primary Color Red
Background Color Red
Accent Color Navy
Pile Fiber Wool
Foundation Fiber Cotton
Construction Handwoven
Surface Pile
Age Vintage
Circa 1920

The rug in discussion originates from the region of Persia, renowned in history as a region providing the exquisitely crafted, robust and well-designed rugs. This particular rug represents the Heriz design style, a notable type which bears strong roots in the Heris village of northwestern Iran. This rug design is noted for its abrasive authenticity and resilience, hence earning a formidable reputation worldwide.

As a product of the 1920s, this rug maintains the traditional Heriz design with its distinct tribal style. Pertinently, its wool on cotton content illustrates how integral quality materials were, and continue to be, in these rugs' construction, affirming their long-lasting characteristics.

The rug exhibits a red hue, dominating the background and creating a vibrant atmosphere. However, an examination of the rug's design shows a symmetrical pattern that allows the use of other contrasting hues, further accentuating the predominant red. The pattern manifests in an octagonal focal point or medallion, supplemented by an array of ornate floral and geometric motifs. These diverse patterns and intricate designs contribute to the rug's offering of a luxurious feel, indicative of the craftsmanship involved in its production.

On the borders of the rug, a wide primary border is identifiable, flanked by narrower ones. In a continuation of the central motifs, these borders present an interesting interplay of designs and colors, lending a cohesive element to the rug. The rug edges further boast a tight binding, reaffirming the rug's robustness and the fine workmanship underlying its make.

The Heriz rug design reflects a story of cultural interaction and exchange primarily owing to the influence of neighboring tribes, such as the Turks, Armenians, and the Kurds. The subsequent blend of designs has resulted in the unique angular design elements that are prominently evident in the Heriz rugs, setting them apart from other Persian rugs.

A final point to note about this Heriz rug is the dense piles utilized in its construction, contributing to its durability. Despite the minimal variation in color, the rug's compatibility with different home settings is high, especially with ones incorporating woodwork.

While the Heriz rugs continue to hold their place in the global market, their popularity has not thwarted the preservation of traditional techniques used in their creation. This unwavering commitment to maintaining authenticity while creating rugs of unrivaled beauty and functionality makes the Heriz rugs an emblem of Persian craftsmanship.

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