Mamluk Handwoven Tribal Rug, J62578



Size: 10' 3" X 13' 8"

SKU: J62578

Pile Fiber: Wool

Surface: Pile

Age: New

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SKU J62578
Size 10' 3" X 13' 8"
Size Category 10 x 14
Shape Rectangle
Design Mamluk
Origin Afghani
Style Tribal
Sub Style Nomadic Persian & Turkish
Primary Color Purple
Background Color Lavendar
Accent Color Blue
Pile Fiber Wool
Foundation Fiber Cotton
Construction Handwoven
Surface Pile
Age New

This beautiful rug originates from Afghanistan and features a traditional Mamluk design. The style of this rug is tribal, giving it a unique and authentic character. The background color of the rug is a soft lavendar, while the border is a contrasting blue, creating a visually appealing and balanced look.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this rug is made with wool on a cotton foundation, ensuring both durability and comfort. The size of the rug is 10'3" x 13'8", making it suitable for larger spaces and adding a touch of elegance to any room.

The Mamluk design holds a rich history that dates back to the fifteenth century. Scholars have debated the origin of these carpets, with some attributing them to Damascus, Syria, and others identifying Cairo, Egypt as the primary center of production. Regardless of their origins, Mamluk carpets were used both domestically and were also imported. They were often used to line the streets during processions, demonstrating their significant role in cultural and ceremonial events.

This rug exhibits distinctive features typical of Mamluk carpets. It showcases geometric motifs dominated by red tones, with accents of blues, yellows, and greens. The design is composed of interlacing stars and polygons, radiating outwards from a central component. The border is adorned with medallions alternating with oval cartouches, enhancing its visual appeal.

The craftsmanship of this rug is exceptional. It is woven by skilled ethnic Turkmen weavers, predominantly from the Esari Subtribe. The wool used in the rug comes from sheep in the Ghazni Province of South East Afghanistan, known for its high-quality, longer staple, and oily wool. The raw Ghazni wool is carted and hand-spun in Herat before being woven on traditional floor looms in the weavers' homes.

With a knots per square inch of 162, this rug showcases the weavers' superb skills and attention to detail. Each knot is individually hand-tied, resulting in a total of 3,253,562 knots. The use of natural dye stuffs and the traditional weaving techniques ensure the durability and longevity of this rug.

Whether you are looking to add a touch of cultural heritage to your home or seeking a unique piece of art, this Afghan Mamluk rug offers both beauty and authenticity. Its vibrant colors, intricate design, and exceptional craftsmanship make it a stunning addition to any space.

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